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iron man stories
title characters or pairing rating summary length
Almost No One Makes It Out Tony, Pepper. Rhodey. R What would have happened if Tony hadn't been born filthy rich? A military AU. Also, there is a mechanical bull. ~28,000 words
'What are they going to call you?' Tony PG Commencement Address, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 2008. Speaker: Tony Stark. ~2,000 words
The Mathematics of Betrayal Tony/Obadiah NC-17 Fifteen minutes is a very long time. Noncon. ~1,000 words
People Who Know My Sins Tony/Pepper UST PG-13 Dancing is not in her job description, but neither is mopping up blood at 4 in the morning. She does it anyway. ~2,000 words
Turning Your Orbit Around Tony, ensemble PG-13 gen Five terribly inappropriate gifts Tony Stark has given. 848 words
Successful Secrets of the Sexual Kind Tony/Pepper NC-17 Five times they don't have sex, and think about it anyway. ~3,000 words
Dress Up Tony/Pepper gen PG Ficlet. Tony wants Pepper to try on the suit. 543 words
Follow Your Shame Tony/Pepper, sort of R No matter how many times they dance, she'll never sleep with Tony Stark. ~1,000 words
c6d stories (due south and other canada-based fandoms)
title fandom characters / pairing rating summary length
(Why Can't I) Stop Where I Want to Stay Men With Brooms Amy, ensemble PG-13 Amy spends four summers looking for the curling rocks, and finds something else entirely. ~10,000 words
The Train Goes Slow due South Fraser/Kowalski NC-17 Ray is patience fucking personified, and he hasn't wanted to punch Fraser in days. ~11,500 words
Observatory due South Fraser (Fraser/Kowalski) PG Fraser hangs out in the Hancock and looks at stuff. So does Ray. ~450 words
That Late I Led Slings & Arrows Geoffrey (Geoffrey/Ellen) R+ Life is small in the holding cell. ~1,500 words
Come Ruin or Rapture Slings & Arrows Ellen, Geoffrey/Ellen R Pre-series. Ellen returns to New Burbage, gets ambushed by Oliver, meets Geoffrey, drinks too much coffee, and really hates Romeo & Juliet. 7,625 words
Common Spirits Slings & Arrows Geoffrey, Anna G "I have hopped," she says, affronted. Geoffrey, Anna & Richard let off a little steam. 822 words
other fandoms
title fandom characters / pairing rating summary length
The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Westley and Buttercup The Princess Bride Ensemble PG-13 The sign on Miracle Max's door read, "In case of apocalypse: GO AWAY." Apocafic. If you're looking for a happy story, keep looking. ~6,000 words
There is a Light Devil Wears Prada Andy/Miranda PG-13 The fact is that Andy and Miranda are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and Miranda is standing there in a gray Bill Blass suit with a shotgun and she wants to talk to Patrick. ~2,000 words
Our Life is Not a Movie (Or Maybe) Veronica Mars Veronica/Lamb NC-17 Whatever she's up to, he's pretty sure it's a fucking stupid idea that's going to end up with her in mortal danger and him looking like an idiot. Again. ~16,000 words
Glimmer Rolling Stones RPS Mick/Keith PG-13 "We used to see the same couple in the bar, who kept saying to us, 'Who ARE you? What's it all about? Come on, give us a clue. Just give us a glimmer.' That's when Mick and I started to call ourselves the Glimmer Twins." ~2,500 words
Never a Borrower Jossverse Giles/Wes R Wesley needs a favor ~1,000 words
Ghosting Ocean's 11/12/13 Rusty/Linus, Danny PG-13 Linus is too fast for Rusty. 170 words

Fluid 960 Grid System, created by Stephen Bau, based on the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith. Released under the GPL/ MIT Licenses.